What is Your Time Worth?

From the title of today’s Connection Point I’m willing to bet your first thought was this would be a discussion on how to set a monetary value for your time. Or to say it another way, how much should you charge for your product or service?  If that’s the case, you’d only be partly right.

However, I believe that what we’re about to discuss is really a much deeper question to be asking.  And one you should seriously be asking yourself constantly.  It’s pretty much the reverse of the original question.  Instead of what’s my time worth – I think you should be more often asking, Is this worth my time?

Now the reason you’re probably here in the first place is because you’ve had, or have, an idea for a business product or service.  One that you’re convinced everyone seriously wants or needs.  It either solves a common problem or brings relief to a consistently recurring pain point that your connections are just plain tired of putting up with!

It’s probably safe to say that most of us started down this long road to our own business because we thought we saw an opportunity to help others in a way that no one else seemed to be offering. And somewhere along the way we hopefully developed some real passion for our idea.

Being an optimist by nature myself, I’m well aware that inherent optimism can sometimes lead you astray.  Get you wandering off the path in search of new ways to offer the help for others that your product or service can provide.  But honestly, sometimes we get so caught up in those new possibilities, that we lose our way and get bogged down in those searches for new ideas and systems we’ve heard about – rather than streamlining or improving the process of what’s already working.

Trying out all kinds of new processes and success blueprints can many times rob you of your own freedom, and cost you valuable time, energy and attention.  It becomes a quest for what’s new rather than working to make your current help more valuable. Don’t let that happen! You have to get yourself clear on what you want your life, and your business efforts to look like. And determine what’s getting most of your effort currently, your thinking, your activity and your personal interaction?

You have to get clear on the boundaries of what you will give your time to. And remember that whatever you’re saying yes to means that you’re saying no to something else. Is that “something else” the right thing to be saying no to? You need to be sure that the time you’re giving is profitable for you, serves your customers well, brings you joy and allows you to live the life you want to live.  Isn’t that the reason you chose to do what you’re doing?

So consider doing a quick personal time and results audit on a regular basis. It can help to keep you on track, on purpose, and doing exactly what you want to be doing.  Is this an exercise you might find valuable and be willing to try?  Why not use the comment space below to let the group know what your experience has taught you?

That’s it for this session.  Till next time, keep Embracing That Adventure That is YOU!