“Strategery”*For Keeping Things Simple

It seems like every time we sit down with a new client or prospect these days, one of the first questions to come up is “do we have to do all of these things at once?”  Now in truth, this usually surfaces in reference to embracing the world of Social Media, but it applies just as well to almost every phase of marketing.  However, it might be the wrong question to ask out of the starting gate.  In fact, where you begin with any marketing program is usually less important than having a good idea of where it is you want to go.  When we begin by trying to measure our efforts against everything we read and hear about, i.e. – The 10 Best Ways to approach any marketing effort – the task can quickly become overwhelming if you believe you have to do it all immediately.  So, let’s step back for a moment and take a clear look at how we might move forward simply, and with a dash of confidence.
Where Are You Going?
This task can focus around as few as three main elements:

  1. Who is it you want to talk to?  (Target Audience)
  2. What do you want to say to them? (The Message)
  3. How can you talk to as many of them as possible? (Exposure)

That’s it, and it didn’t hurt a bit, did it?  Sure we could throw you a whole lot of marketingspeak at this point but then we violate our premise…remember?  Keep it simple!
How Do You Get There?
Today’s marketing tools give all a new advantage in our messaging efforts. Most of the time we can focus better, target better, analyze better and do it all at warp speed compared to just a couple of decades ago.  Some may argue that we can even do things with a lot more flair, a lot more fun and far less human resources than past efforts required.  However, that last one could prompt a whole other discussion, so we’ll save that topic for another day.
 Plenty of Help Available
The good news is that most of these campaigns and programs aren’t rocket science, and there’s plenty of expertise out there to keep you pointed in the right direction, and hopefully offer a little creativity along the way.  (We modestly mention ourselves at this juncture!) But that’s one of the nice things about today’s marketing, you probably don’t need groups like us all of the time, but we’re there if you need us.  We’re kind of like your GPS – programmed to keep you on track.
Keep Your Eye on Your Goals
So the key takeaway here is to make sure (with or without help) that you have a clear vision of where you’re going and what you want to accomplish in the end.  By simply honing that clarity of focus, you can then efficiently align your various marketing activities for maximum results.
Now our “Strategery”* is to use this space going forward to discuss everything from marketing pain points to the best of the current crop of great restaurants, movies, tunes and possibly even the meaning of life as we know it.  We hope you’ll spend a little time with us on the journey…we’d love the companionship, and would love to hear your end of the discussions.
*Our thanks to Will Ferrell for this wonderfully descriptive term turned icon.

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